S.P.E.A.R Tactical, LLC

offers a full range of shooting and gun safety lessons

The Idaho Enhanced CCW Course to Level 1-3 private and group handgun and rifle courses

Your instructor is Greg Oster who spent 35 years with the Boise Police Department. He has been teaching firearms related topics since 1992 and is currently an NRA LE Instructor for Handgun, Patrol Rifle and Defensive Shotgun.

Western States LE Sniper Symposium

June 15–18, 2020

Join teams from the western USA, for 4 days of training to enhance your skills, network with other agencies, and improve your team’s confidence.

Four Days

Top trainers from the USA conducting seminars and in-field training for attendees.
Top Instructor • Sponsors • Manufacturers • Numerous Training Ranges

$650 / Covers All Four Days
Call (208) 720-2988
Registration Opens Nov. 15, 2019
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